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Why So Many Entrepreneurs Barely Make It

Today we’d like to introduce you to Tommy Walker – The Mind Engineer.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and a mindset coach for over 13 years. I struggled for over 12 years and had many failed businesses.

I see around 80-90% of people struggling. After a lot of research and talking with thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, I have been able to figure out what is the main problem why so many fail.

In 2009 I met an amazing mentor / coach that explained to me how the mind works, and how it is trying to protect us. I started studying behavior to understand how habits are created, because of course I wanted to change my own things.

After many years of studying and working, I was able to understand how the mind works and how to start making changes.

Since then, I was able to build a very successful business, and now I am building my second one which is doing 6 figures.

I realized it was the subconscious mind, the programs / scripts we created growing up, that we are not even aware of, that are holding us back.

And it was not doing affirmations or positivity that reprogrammed my mind, I tried that, and it didn’t work. I tried many things, but nothing seemed to work, because I wasn’t really understanding the root of the problem.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

It wasn’t an easy path at all. As I mentioned, 12 years of struggle, barely making it, to then be able to build 2 very successful businesses.

I had no support from my family and friends. When I was starting one of the businesses that then became very successful, at the begging, a close family member told me I was going to end up in jail. And what I was doing was not illegal.

No one in my family or friends had gone down the entrepreneurial path, so they were very scared, and were protecting their fears on me.

I had a lot of self-doubts and low self-esteem, and this didn’t help at all.
I had to do deep reprogramming to be able to get rid of all the garbage I had, and it allowed me to then start thriving.

I was able to start getting rid of my impostor syndrome, my self-doubt, and my insecurities and start taking risks.

This accelerated my growth exponentially.

The most interesting part is that I wasn’t even aware of all these negative programs in my mind. Most of the time they are so hidden in the subconscious mind that we don’t know they are there. They are like protective mechanisms, hiding from us. So we need to dig deep to find them and be able to change them.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

I call myself The Mind Engineer because I help people understand their behaviors, see where they come from, and why they are there (protective mechanism), to then be able to change them faster. I reverse engineer their behavior to identify the root cause.

Procrastination, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, overthinking, and perfectionism, to name some, are just the by-product of something deeper.

So I help people go deep into their mind, to identify those programs that don’t serve them and be able to start changing them to new habits that serve them and their businesses.

This is the same way I was able to grow my businesses to where they are, and still growing.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

So people need to understand that growing a business is not about marketing and sales, as the way they view those things.

For service providers, coaches and consultants, marketing and selling is all about us. Yes, you… You are selling yourself.

I have worked with salespeople, that had many years in sales but were not able to grow their own businesses. Let me explain to you why.

Marketing is connected with your self-image. So if you have limited, negative, and false beliefs about yourself (most of the time you are not even aware of them), you will stay stuck with your business.

So if you are not showing your face on social media, playing it small, having trouble posting, doing lives, or other marketing strategies, it is now about looking to learn more about marketing, it won’t work.

Sales have to do with rejection, direct or indirect. People say they don’t want to buy (direct), or people say they have to think about it and then ghosting you (indirect). If you can’t handle rejection, you won’t do what is needed to make offers. And most of the time people don’t realize what is going on, they are just not taking action, and procrastination could be the protective mechanism.

You need to work on your mind and identify the negatives in your mind, that are not allowing you to take the actions your business needs.

Change your mindset, and see how your business grows.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

Success for me is learning from every challenge.

Many times, the mind brings negative emotions or beliefs. Like, I can’t do this, I am not good enough.

So for me, this is an opportunity to be able to learn why you feel bad, why you are stressed out, why you feel not good enough.

Instead of ignoring, pushing that away, and trying to bring positivity into the mind to make this “go away”, I believe we can learn from this and grow exponentially.
Every challenge is a growth opportunity.

So if we can learn from every challenge, we will be able to grow exponentially.

Many people are able to kick themselves in the back to get what they want, but that has a big toll on the mind and body.

I believe we need to understand why we are not doing this or that, reflect, learn, reprogram the mind, and then we will be able to do, but from a place of inner connection, peace and freedom.

What’s next for you?

I want to share this with more people, to help reduce the number of entrepreneurs giving up on their dreams.

I believe that entrepreneurship is for more people than the ones making it, but if people can have the correct tools, we can get them closer to succeed.

I have had the opportunity to reach +120 thousand people around the world. I want to be able to reach more and more people, to help them work on their mindset the correct way, and be able to enjoy life as they deserve.

As a kid, I struggled a lot. Felt like the black sheep at home, was the bullied kid at school, and had many failed relationships and businesses. I am now living my dream life, and want to help people do the same.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

They can check my website or look me up on internet, Tommy Walker The Mind Engineer.

I offer many free resources to help people start understanding how the mind works and how to start making changes.

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