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Meghan Markle Wants to Be the ‘Queen of Hollywood’

Meghan Markle signed a contract with WME Hollywood Talent Agency, run by Ari Emanuel. The deal is a move to make her a major player within the entertainment industry. Page Six reported that Markle would be able to “run” the show and create projects rather than just star in them. The deal had been in development for over a year. The deal is expected to make Markle millions of dollars and allow her to become independent from Prince Harry’s royal connections.

Markle and Harry are spending more time in Hollywood. They have a five year deal with Netflix, worth about $100m and a $15m contract rumored with Spotify. Also, they have been seen more often in the area. Insiders claimed that Markle did not want to leave Harry’s shadow but rather explore her new life and “the freedoms” that it afforded her. Markle wants to raise the profile of Archewell, their charity. WME will support her ideas which include film and television production, brand partnerships and endorsements, as well as global licensing.

This deal will establish Markle’s status as a Hollywood power broker. Emanuel will supervise Markle’s career. His reputation as a dealmaker has earned him a place among the most influential figures in Hollywood. Her team will consist of Serena Williams agent Jill Smoller and Brad Slater who represents Dwayne Johnston. Andrew Meyer, Markle’s long-time business manager and attorney Rick Genow are expected to be involved in the project.

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