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Eliecer Elbittar: a doctor and lawyer with great social sense


Eliecer Elbittar is a doctor, lawyer, broadcaster and actor. He is originally from Caracas and ventured into university theater at the Central University of Venezuela while studying medicine in the 1980s. He discovered that theater was not only therapeutic for breaking rigid patterns of self-criticism, but also useful for his professional development, as who always projected himself as a speaker, lecturer and teacher, inspired by his medical teachers. He began his training as an actor in one of the most recognized performing arts schools in the country at that time.

Soon, by a stroke of luck, he was selected to participate in television commercials and then requested as an actor in various productions, standing out in the successful television series “Archivo Criminal” on RCTV, while graduating as a doctor. However, he was always clear that his passion was medicine and he did not want to relegate himself to minor roles in acting, so he decided to retire from the artistic medium in the mid-90s to focus on his medical career.

Despite his retirement, he continued to train, venturing into speech and specializing in public health, family medicine and law, while also specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. His professional life became multifaceted, combining university and postgraduate teaching, radio, activism and the defense of human rights, without neglecting his role as husband and father.

After six years in the United States, he put everything he learned into practice, starting with his radio show “Para Todos Tús” and treating his patients through online telemedicine. Currently, he feels closer to his patients through his YouTube channel, where he maintains the original format of his interview program with medical specialists and disseminates scientific topics of interest to the community, as well as interviews with relevant Hispanic personalities.

When answering final questions, Eliecer Elbittar emphasizes that, if he were to be born again, he would choose to be a doctor again. Beyond the titles and recognitions, his greatest professional gratification is the affection of his patients and the staff with whom he works, as well as the continuous learning he obtains from the people he meets, since he considers that there is always some learning left, even of those who are not your best friends.

In addition to his work as a doctor and communicator, Eliecer Elbittar also supports foundations for patients with cystic fibrosis remotely from the United States as an advisor. He is an ally of the Asperger Foundation of Venezuela and godfather of the Fundación Cromosomas de Amor, Pasión y Ritmo, which works with special children, mostly with Down syndrome. Recently, he has been involved in the investigation, reporting and monitoring of the disappearance of children and adolescents in Venezuela.

These activities are a source of great satisfaction for Eliecer, as they allow him to help and contribute to causes that involve children in his native country, Venezuela.

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