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Who In The World Is Darren Birks And Why Are People All Around The World Rushing To Work With Him?

“Technology has continuously changed the way that people live their life yet people are notoriously terrible at recognizing that shift early enough to position themselves for success” said Darren. “In the 2000’s I had missed out on an opportunity to buy a series of multi family homes in an area of Boston for pennies on the dollar which turned out to be multi million dollar properties just 10 years later. I failed to pay attention and see what was to come in that area. Ever since, I vowed I’d do everything I can to never make a mistake like that ever again” he continued. 

As an entrepreneur specializing in the digital platforms as well as a loud voice as a self proclaimed “Proud American Activist”, Darren Birks, has grabbed the attention of hundreds of thousands of people over the years including some top business minds across the globe with his pragmatic approach of seeing patterns in history and using human behavior & psychology to calculate what’s to come in the future. 

It seems that Darren has a lot of similar characteristics as the uber famous multi millionaire CEO and public figure Gary Vaynerchuk. Neither man can fit into the “traditional” businessman molds with how they dress or act, they both have rougher shark type styles while still having the ability to bring heart and sincerity into play. Both have the uncanny ability to accurately predict the direction of societal moves & attention and they both even use colorful language and embrace the F word proudly. Now, Darren is definitely still not on Gary’s level, YET, but the similarities are too clear for me not to point out. 

In the last quarter of 2021 Darren began laying the groundwork for his latest business venture Diavici which he claims will revolutionize the “money from home” industry. He has created a network of people and a system that uses a profit share business model and a digital peer to peer distribution model to help both everyday people and top tier business professionals alike.

 “I watch industries change over time. Just like how if I asked if you wanted to sign up for online dating in the 2000’s, a disrespected and unproductive industry at the time, you probably would of slapped me” Darren said with a smirk. 

“…but today, twenty years later, everyone prefers online dating and just one app called Tinder is worth billions. There’s countless times in history where we can see a whole industry completely shift from negative public opinion to positive even after decades of bad stigmas. That’s exactly what I saw happening with the industry of online business 7 years ago when I first starting researching this area and it now has just kicked into overdrive after the devastating impact of the pandemic on peoples incomes and ability or desire to go to a physical job. Those who see that soon enough to leverage it will win big, those who bet against the industry or sleep on it will be quite upset when they see how this plays out.” He warned. 

Regardless of if you agree with him or not, a few things are certainly clear, Darren is full of passion, surgical with his actions and hellbent on making a difference in peoples lives. 

Follow Darren on both Facebook and Instagram @DarrenBirks. 

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