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WhatIF Foods Announcing New Product in Time for Father’s Day

WhatIf Foods
WhatIf Foods

Along with the release of Only Noods, consumers have the chance to stock up on the new Only Noods Bundle with all four flavors, a free tote bag, and a total of 16% off in savings as well as free shipping!

WHO: WhatIF Foods, plant-based food and beverage brand known for regenerative practices and popularizing the Bambara Groundnut or short the BAMnut. It’s a company whose mission is to advocate for regenerative agriculture and seek a Better Better way to do business.

WHAT: In line with the recent release of their Only Noods Noodles without the seasoning, WhatIF Foods is offering a special Try Them All Only Noods Bundle for Father’s Day. The Bundle includes all 4 WhatIF Foods noodle varieties namely, BAMnut, Pumpkin, Charcoal, and Moringa, all without the extra seasoning and will be sent in a branded shipper box, along with a free WhatIF Foods tote bag included. The bundle will be offered at $33.50 for a value of $39.96, giving consumers a sizable 16% discount as well as free shipping.

For those curious about the nutritional and culinary benefits of value, WhatIF Foods has lain out the following facts:

WhatIf Foods Only Noods

WhatIf Foods Only Noods


Product Details:

  • 16g of protein (= 2 large eggs)
  • about 50%-60% less fat*
  • 3x more fiber*
  • No palm oil
  • Dress up as you like and create your own dish

(*Compared to leading instant ramen)

WHEN: WhatIF Foods is expected to release its Only Noods bundle on Friday, June 9th, right in time for Father’s Day, June 18, 2023

WHERE: Available on the WhatIF Foods website starting Monday, June 12.

WHY: In essence, WhatIF Foods’ mission begs us to think, should we just settle for sustainability or simply “good enough”? WhatIF Foods is leading the way in the food industry advocating for and leading other food brands in practicing and normalizing regenerative business and agriculture so we can leave the earth in a Better place for future generations. Don’t just settle for “good enough”. Join the Better Better movement by signing up as a Better Believer.

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