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Víctor Flores, passionate about sustainable floral art

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Victor Flores, passionate about the art of floral decoration, has been at the center of current trends in sustainable floral decoration. His commitment to sustainability and deep knowledge of floral styles have led to a growing appreciation and adoption of environmentally friendly practices in the floral decorating industry.

The main trends that Victor Flores has observed currently include:
Sustainable Decor – In a world that focuses on sustainability, sustainable floral decor has gained ground. Using seasonal flowers, minimizing waste and opting for ecological solutions are key aspects of this trend. Flowers promoted by local and organic agriculture have also become an important element.

Classic Styles with an Ecological Touch: Flowers that follow traditional styles, such as ikebana or the English garden, are renewed with a sustainable approach. Incorporating additional plant elements and fruits to provide texture and color is a common practice in the search for a more natural and organic approach.

Minimalist and Modern Design: Minimalism and modern design have influenced floral decoration. Less is more, and this trend is reflected in the choice of one or two varieties of flowers that are used strategically. This not only reduces waste, but also creates an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

Contemporary Style: In settings such as hotels and design stores, contemporary style has gained popularity. It is characterized by the use of a limited number of flower varieties, allowing for a more focused and attractive approach.

Conceptual Design: In high-profile events, fashion shows and floral festivals, conceptual design has come to the fore. This trend involves the use of multiple techniques and styles to create floral masterpieces that surprise and defy expectations.

In short, sustainable floral decoration is on the rise and Victor Flores is a pioneer in incorporating environmentally friendly practices in this field. His knowledge and passion have influenced the evolution of classic and modern floral styles towards more sustainable and fresh approaches. These trends are not only beautiful, but they also respect our environment, making Victor Flores’ work even more valuable in the floral decoration industry.


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