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Trailblazers of Change: Celebrating 10 Women Shaping Our World

Ten Women featured in Womens Journal

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, our spotlight shines on ten women who are not only excelling in their respective fields but are also paving the way for the generations to come with their unwavering commitment to excellence, empowerment, and community service. These remarkable women, selected by Pam Perry PR for the Women’s Journal, are breaking barriers and setting new standards in industries ranging from technology and government contracting to culinary arts and grief coaching.

The Visionaries

1. Dr. Stacie NC Grant – As the National President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and an influential Faithpreneur, Dr. Grant leads with conviction, inspiring countless individuals to serve and lead within their communities through faith-based principles.

2. Vicki Wright Hamilton – A tech innovator and accomplished speaker/author, Vicki is revolutionizing the technology sector. Her insights and experiences are paving the way for more women to succeed in tech, while her written work offers invaluable guidance and inspiration to those navigating the challenges of a traditionally male-dominated field.

3. Yolanda M. Smith – Yolanda’s exceptional talent in branding enables businesses and individuals to craft compelling narratives, ensuring their unique identities stand out in the marketplace.

4. Dr. Lisa Fuller – Advocating for holistic health approaches, Dr. Fuller’s dedication to mental wellness is creating spaces for healing and dialogue, emphasizing the importance of mental health as part of overall well-being.

5. Robin Thorne – CEO of CTI and Chemical Engineer providing construction management and environmental/safety compliance services and Founder of DemoChicks, a nonprofit that introduces girls to nontraditional careers.

6. Dr. Karwanna D. Irving – Dr. Irving demystifies the complex world of government contracting, offering guidance and education to businesses keen on exploring this lucrative sector, thereby fostering growth and opportunities for many.

7. Xeina Barnes – As a coach, speaker and author, Xeina provides essential support to those navigating the challenging journey of loss, offering tools for healing and moving forward with compassion and understanding.

8. Dr. Laticia Nicole Beatty – Leading the charge at Women Entrepreneurs United, Dr. Beatty empowers female entrepreneurs with the resources, networking opportunities, and support they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

9. Cheron Reed – As CEO and manager of RX Catering DC Metro, Cheron Reed showcases her culinary expertise and leadership skills, bringing high-quality, delightful cuisine to the Washington D.C. area, all while emphasizing community engagement and satisfaction.

10. Wanda Muir Oliver – Wanda Muir Oliver’s poignant poetry speaks to the heart, tackling complex emotional and societal issues through her powerful verses, fostering reflection, and sparking conversations that lead to understanding and change.

The achievements and journeys of these ten women stand as a powerful testament to the impact of dedication, expertise, and passion in creating positive change.

Their diverse contributions across various industries not only pave the way for future generations of women but also highlight the importance of leadership, innovation, and community support in building a more inclusive and empowered society.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let the stories of these trailblazers inspire us to pursue our ambitions, support one another, and continue to make history, every day. Pam Perry PR and the Women’s Journal are proud to honor these STARS OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP, acknowledging their significant contributions to their communities, industries, and beyond.

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