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The Look of Love Redefined by Online Dating App SciMatch’s Face-Reading Technology

September 2021 – Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping to revolutionize the future of online dating and search for the perfect love match with the launch of dating app SciMatch.

In a first for the online dating landscape, the SciMatch team has utilized AI to create cutting-edge face-reading technology which can read facial features from uploaded selfies, define your personality traits and match you with a potential partner. 

SciMatch’s appliance of science to love matches will change the online dating landscape FOREVER as it means those looking for love won’t have to fill out long-winded bios and information forms.

At the click of a button, upload your selfie, and SciMatch will do the rest to get you connected with your scientifically perfect love match.

SciMatch comes at a time when the global online dating market is booming. Over 270 million adults worldwide used dating apps in 2020; some 39% of US couples say they met online in 2019 and 48% of 18 to 29-year-olds have used a dating app or online site to meet people romantically.

SciMatch is the creation of uber-clever, Belarussian-born US-naturalized twin sisters Yanina and Viktoryia Strylets. 

They decided to put their heads together to help millions of people find love by drawing on their collective experiences: Yanina graduated from Northwestern University with a Master’s Degree in Data Science, while Viktoryia earned her Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

“The idea was to create the first dating app that would leverage AI for the greater good of single people who want to date efficiently,” the sisters said. “We can find exactly what our users need on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.”

Viktoryia, the Founder and CTO added: “Each feature of the app is designed to solve a particular pain point of today’s online daters. As we were designing SciMatch, we had our user in mind, our experiences as online daters, and address the needs of daters that haven’t been addressed by other dating apps.”

The Strylets have also recruited Maru Oderzhakhivska as a Partner and CMO to take the dating app to the world. Maru has more than 15 years of international experience in marketing and branding, working for the likes of Harpers’ Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, LVMH, L’Oréal.

“This is not about magic, it’s about science, proven data, and machine learning backed up by hundreds of hours of hard work and continuous learning from the best brains in the world.” says Maru Oderzhakhivska, Partner and CMO at SciMatch.

SciMatch is also LGBTQ inclusive: finding scientific matches for all people regardless of their sexual orientation. Their newsfeed is designed to address bisexual users’ needs, and you no longer have to create separate accounts to accommodate your sexual preferences.

It also features a Celebrity Crush option – enabling you to find a person that looks like your celebrity crush!

The critical feature of SciMatch is Ruby – a personal virtual assistant in romance. Ruby is a unique AI algorithm designed to learn about your true character using your ‘face print’ and analyze your compatibility with your potential connection. It identifies similarities and differences in character traits. Ruby also helps you break the ice in an initial conversation, ‘messaging first’ by saying “You are scimatched”.

SciMatch has many innovative features to make users experience fun while serving the original purpose of dating apps and connecting people. For example, it has a unique filter that will cover your face during a video dating session, and you can decide if you want to leave it or reveal your face during the video date. 

SciMatch is an advanced tech tool that helps you welcome the right person into your life based on science and unique AI algorithm. If you are still looking for your perfect match, you should try SciMatch, it will save you time and you will know if a potential date is a good fit by the appliance of science.

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