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Surena Wong lights up the big screen in the award-winning “Waiting for Maria”


Internationally Renowned Venezuelan Short Film Triumphs in World Cinema, Elevating Venezuelan Cinematographic Art to New Levels “Waiting for Maria,” a striking Venezuelan short film, has achieved international recognition and acclaim under the visionary direction of the talented Ariana Cooper. Surena Wong, a multifaceted artist, recognized in Venezuela as an all-around singer, songwriter and television actress, gracefully enters the world of cinema, earning critical acclaim for her pivotal role as Evelyn. Her convincing performance has been instrumental in the film’s global success.

A refreshing adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s classic, “Waiting for Godot”, “Waiting for Mary”; offers a woman-centered perspective, set against the vibrant but tumultuous backdrop of Venezuela. It seamlessly weaves together themes of migration, uncertainty and despair, reflecting not only the reality of South America, but also resonating with global audiences.

Filmed in the picturesque Valle Frío mountain, Maracaibo city in November 2019, “Waiting for María”; has been a celebrated entry at numerous prestigious film festivals, including the Paris Film Festival, the Mexico City International Film Festival, and the South Social Film Festival in London, among others.

Surena Wong’s performance as Evelyn has been a beacon of the film, drawing audiences into the narrative with her authentic and nuanced performance. Her transition from music and television to film has been seamless, adding a unique layer of depth to the cinematic experience. Wong’s role has been crucial in defining the essence of the film, making it relatable and impactful.

Wong reflects on her career: “Waiting for Maria”; It was a monumental opportunity and experience. “I am thrilled to be a part of this narrative and excited by the plethora of opportunities it is opening up for everyone involved.”

The series of awards that “Waiting for Mary” has accumulated is extensive:

– Entre Largos y Cortos del Oriente ELCO Film Festival (2021): Honored with Best Art Direction and Best Fiction Short Film.

– Manuel Trujillo Durán FMTD Film Festival (2022): Winner of Best First Film, celebrating the exceptional debut of director Ariana Cooper.

– Caracas Ibero-American Film Festival: Awarded Best Student Short Film, a testament to the young and promising talents driving the film.

This international recognition not only means the rise of “Waiting for Mary”; on the global cinematographic panorama, but also portends a new era for Venezuelan cinema, underscoring the passion, dedication and resilience of its creators and the vibrant community it represents.


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