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Sound House Music: Harmonizing Innovation, and Competition in a Melodic Revolution

In the scenic haven of New South Wales (NSW), Australia, where calmness intertwines with the dynamic beats of the Gold Coast’s nightlife, a sonic renaissance is unfolding.

Steering this transformation is Sound House Music, under the insightful leadership of Jessica, who aspires to reshape the conventional pathways of artists’ musical endeavors.

Crafting New Musical Narratives

Jessica presents a persuasive perspective: “Music is destined to be a voyage of triumph, not restricted to mere streaming.”

This philosophy is intricately embedded in Sound House Music. The platform is conceptualized as a stage of life where artists can engage, compete, and broadcast their achievements to a global audience.

Distinctive Features of Sound House Music

Sound House Music distinguishes itself through several innovative characteristics:

  • Broad Spectrum of Rewards and Opportunities: Sound House Music goes beyond its identity as a mere platform, emerging as a catalyst for musical aspirations. It offers a diverse range of rewards, from mentorships with industry luminaries to coveted performance slots. Jessica states, “We are not just a platform; we are the crucible shaping musical careers.”
  • Thematic and Genre-Specific Battles: Sound House Music aligns with the zeitgeist, orchestrating battles centered on relevant global themes such as climate change and pride month. This creative approach ensures the platform’s content is consistently updated, relevant, and resonates with its audience.
  • Gamified Experience Points (XP) Rewards: Sound House Music introduces an XP reward system that gamified user interaction, fostering a sense of community and inclusivity. Jessica invites artists to “Join us in shaping the future of music,” highlighting her commitment to ensuring no artist is overlooked.

Exploring Jessica’s Journey

Emerging from the peaceful surroundings of NSW, Australia, Jessica’s journey is a rich tapestry of diverse talents.

From her early days as a celebrated magazine and bikini model to enchanting audiences in Australia’s bustling music venues, her path has been diverse.

Venturing into entrepreneurship at 26, Jessica established a successful gin bar in Melbourne. Subsequently, alongside her husband, she co-founded Border Concrete Pumping, transforming it into a prosperous venture.

Despite these successes, Jessica’s passion for music remained steadfast, leading to the creation of Sound House Music.

This platform surpasses traditional streaming services, offering artists a platform to grow and chart their success.

Sound House Music: Carving the Future of the Music Industry

Sound House Music foresees a significant shift in the music industry in the next 2-3 years. It envisions a time of inclusivity, celebrating artists from diverse backgrounds.

Platforms that strengthen artists will be crucial in this transformation, and Sound House Music aligns perfectly with this vision, advocating for diversity, inclusivity, and the elevation of emerging artists. Jessica asserts, “We believe in music’s ability to unify the world, one battle at a time.”

With Sound House Music’s debut scheduled for January 2024 and a grand celebration planned for April, the future is promising. The inaugural battle victors will take center stage, marking a defining moment in the platform’s journey.


Sound House Music stands as a beacon in the digital landscape, symbolizing a movement and revolution led by Jessica.

Her journey, from the Gold Coast nightclubs to establishing a transformative music platform, exemplifies the boundless opportunities that materialize when passion aligns with purpose.

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