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Skilzar Digital CEO, Oluwaseun Olaegbe, Pioneers Nigerian Digital Media Excellence


By William Andy

In the realm of Nigerian digital media, Oluwaseun Olaegbe, known as Skilzar, emerges as a prominent figure. A dynamic force within the industry, he attributes the inception of his venture, Skilzar Digital, to the pursuit of fulfilling the web marketing needs of businesses. OLUWASEUN OLAEGBE is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS), The Chartered Institute For I.T. This innovative and adept entrepreneur, armed with a computer science degree, identifies himself as the CEO of Skilzar Digital, simultaneously assuming the roles of founder and web developer.

Reflecting briefly on his journey, Olaegbe expresses, “My journey revolves around the core principle of delivering digital solutions that empower businesses to flourish in the online domain. Skilzar Digital stands as a beacon of personalized services, encompassing website design, app development, search engine marketing, optimization, social media strategies, content creation, online lead generation, and brand management.”

Diverging from conventional marketing avenues like TV and billboards, Skilzar Digital thrives on cutting-edge digital methodologies. “Our team of experts specializes in contemporary digital marketing techniques, facilitating direct global engagement with target audiences,” confirms Olaegbe. He underscores that the company’s approach prioritizes partnership over a mere client-contractor dynamic.

The crux of Skilzar Digital resides in its unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service and meticulously curated products. Olaegbe’s dedication stems from addressing a prevailing concern within the industry – the deficiency in effective communication and attention to detail. With a steadfast vision, he molded Skilzar Digital Agency to bridge these gaps.

Contemplating milestones, Olaegbe shares, “Our achievements reverberate through the digital transformation of numerous businesses. Brands like Crepaway Nigeria, Blackandscot, Ojudeoba Online, Crowncrete Finishing, Bak-Eldorado Realtors, Impact Pearl Realtors, and Mariebabs have attained digital success under our guidance.” He proudly announces the recent debut of the Android Mobile Game ‘Archer Of The Dead’ on the Google Play Store and YessieyMagazine, representing just one of several ongoing app projects.

Navigating the challenges of initiating a startup in Nigeria, Olaegbe acknowledges, “The startup journey in Nigeria is defined by the battle against erratic power supply. To sustain a 24/7 online presence, we heavily rely on generators and inverters, incurring substantial expenses for fueling, servicing, and maintenance.”

Olaegbe’s narrative epitomizes resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to propelling businesses into the digital era, ensuring their enduring online prosperity.

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