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Peterson Herard: Transforming Mid-Career Professionals into Successful Servicepreneurs

From Corporate Banking Excellence to Service Business Mentorship: How Peterson Herard Empowers Professionals to Leverage Their Skills and Thrive in Entrepreneurship

In the fast-paced world of corporate banking, Peterson Herard carved a remarkable career path, conquering top positions at prestigious institutions such as JPMorgan Chase, Northern Trust Corp, and Florida Community Bank. His stellar performance even earned him the coveted title of the #1 banker in his district. But behind the accolades lay the toll of relentless hours and the creeping specter of burnout.

Then, in 2019, a pivotal moment arrived in Peterson’s life with the birth of his daughter, Layla. Watching his wife struggle to manage the simplest tasks while he labored from 7 am to 6 pm, Peterson realized that a change was necessary. It was at this juncture that he made a life-altering decision—to bid adieu to his lucrative banking career and embark on an entrepreneurial journey.


The Leap to Entrepreneurship

Peterson’s entrepreneurial journey commenced with freelancing, offering him the initial taste of the flexibility and autonomy he yearned for. Recognizing the vast potential in the digital marketing realm, he embarked on a journey of self-improvement, pursuing a digital marketing certification under the guidance of his mentor, Jacob. This marked the inception of his highly successful consultancy, Reap and Sow Media.

Through strategic hiring, automation, and diversification of his services, Peterson rapidly propelled his business to generate multiple six figures in revenue. However, he readily admits that the transition from corporate banking to entrepreneurship was fraught with challenges. Peterson candidly shares, “Building a client base, especially in the fiercely competitive digital marketing realm, was an uphill battle.” Yet, he attributes his remarkable success to the invaluable mentorship he received and the certification that honed his digital marketing prowess.


Balancing Work and Life as a New Father

Peterson’s pursuit of work-life balance as a new father was a significant motivating factor in his entrepreneurial journey. He implemented a flexible schedule, established clear boundaries between work and personal life, and mastered the art of strategic time management. Despite the inevitable challenges, his unwavering determination paid off, resulting in remarkable growth both personally and professionally.


Empowering Professionals through ServiceBiz Launch Academy

Today, Peterson is on a mission to help mid-career professionals harness their existing skills and expertise to launch their own service-based businesses. At the heart of this mission lies his signature program, the ServiceBiz Launch Academy. This comprehensive program guides professionals in starting service businesses, whether on a part-time or full-time basis.

Peterson’s motivation is crystal clear: “I’m on a mission to teach professionals how to start service businesses and achieve the work-life balance they desire.” This mission springs from his own transformative journey of pivoting skillsets to find fulfillment in entrepreneurship.


Sharing Wisdom and Inspiring Others

Peterson’s book, ‘Servicepreneur,’ serves as a guiding light for aspiring service business owners. In addition to his book, he generously imparts invaluable insights on his Instagram account and captivates audiences as a sought-after speaker at various engagements, inspiring others to take the entrepreneurial leap.


The Importance of Persistence and Resilience

When asked about his most profound lesson, Peterson underscores the paramount importance of persistence and resilience in the world of entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride,” he advises. “The key is to keep forging ahead, learn from setbacks, and adapt to changing circumstances.”



Peterson Herard’s inspiring odyssey from a successful career in corporate banking to becoming a servicepreneur demonstrates that, armed with the right mindset and support, professionals can turn their passions into thriving businesses. His story serves as a testament to the transformative power of entrepreneurship and the potential for individuals to find true fulfillment in their work.

For those eager to learn more about Peterson’s insights and guidance, his book ‘Servicepreneur’ can be found here. You can also follow Peterson on Instagram here to stay updated on his program and receive ongoing inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey.

Peterson Herard is not just an entrepreneur; he is a catalyst for others’ entrepreneurial dreams, providing the guidance and inspiration needed to turn those dreams into reality.

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