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Mrs. Real Venezuela: The Pageant That Has No Competition


By: Helayne Pérez Bethelmy
Photography: Jaime Manrique


The Mrs. Real Venezuela pageant is, without a doubt, one of the pageants that truly respects and values so many ladies who dream of being beauty queens. Let us remember that in our country, there is a massification of contests of this style, but very few have the credibility of Mrs. Real Venezuela.

His CEO, Alessandro Pineda, shared with us what his contest has meant to him, and how he tries every day to motivate his participants to believe in themselves and everything they can achieve.
Mrs. Real Venezuela has set a fairly high bar for other pageants. Alessandro Pineda knows that his contest is absolutely different from the others, since, unlike others, the priority is his contestants. We are focused on our participants becoming better in everything every day. They are advised by experts and given the opportunity to be themselves,” he noted.

This is a contest with greater respectability and credibility. The experts and those in charge of preparing misses assure that Alessandro Pineda’s training techniques are the best in the country.

The CEO Alessandro Pineda mentioned during the interview that when the girls were accompanied by their mothers to the contests, he discovered how the representatives could not hide their emotion when they saw themselves reflected in their daughters.

It was there when in 2014, Alessandro decided to found Mrs. Real Venezuela, “so that all those fighting mothers who have given so much in their lives, could live that beautiful experience. They also needed to show that they were beautiful. With the contest we have also reinforced their self-esteem, showing them that they can achieve whatever they want.

For Pineda, each and every one of the women who have won the title as Mrs. Real Venezuela, have the particularity of self-love, excellence as a standard of life, elegance, discipline and dedication. Pineda noted that he feels “in love with the work he is carrying out and hopes to continue filling the lives of so many women who go after their dreams.” The Mrs. Real Venezuela is one of the few contests that enjoys a wide international reach. It has led beautiful women to win important awards outside our borders. The most recent, the beautiful Yurmy Terán, who not only won the crown, but also received a special mention for her outstanding social work.
Talking about the lawyer, businesswoman, mother, wife, beauty queen, and now also international, Yurmy Terán, is not easy.

This multifaceted lady brought Venezuela the crown of the Mrs.Queen of Nations Supreme 2023 pageant, held in recent weeks in Colombia. In addition to this, our beautiful Yurmy conquered the three most important bands of the contest; among them, the one that she recognizes the value of her social work. “It has not been an easy path, but I have had the support of my husband, my children and an organization like Mrs. Real Venezuela, who have always encouraged me and believed in me,” said the Creole deity.

José Gabriel Padrón, one of the most respected stylists and makeup artists in Venezuela, also delighted us with her visit. He forms Mrs. Real Venezuela. The Miss Venezuela makeup artist is also one of the most sought-after specialists of the moment, because he knows how to highlight, through each of her brushstrokes, the natural beauty that lives in every woman.

“I feel like women, especially in a pageant like Mrs. Real, can’t be overloaded with makeup. Our contest seeks to highlight those traits that are naturally beautiful in all of them. José Gabriel is an expert in highlighting the beauty that exists in every woman and that is the main strength of this wonderful professional makeup artist.

Finally, we want to thank all the staff of the Mrs. Real Venezuela contest, for being an institution that, above all, has known how to maintain its ethical and professional principles; where it has become clear to us that it seeks the integral growth of each of its participants. Congratulations and continue the successes!

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