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Luisette Mullin Shows Entrepreneurs Network Marketing Can Be Your Plan B Income

Luisette’s journey wasn’t served on a silver platter. Adopted by her Aunt and Uncle, she grew up learning the values of hard work and integrity. Despite excelling academically, success wasn’t handed to her. After her dreams of becoming a haute couture designer were dashed due to a lackluster portfolio, Luisette took a bold step into the hotel industry.

With a single suitcase, she moved to Johannesburg, known as the City of Gold, in search of a brighter future. Despite the demanding hours and grueling work, she excelled, finding strength in her solid upbringing and supportive family.

However, her journey wasn’t without heartbreak. A broken engagement during her early career forced her to rebuild her life from scratch. Luisette persevered, pushing through financial hardships and personal challenges.

But, as she notes, “There is something in your biology where you feel something is missing.” This inner void, combined with the external struggles, fueled her determination to change her life.

After many years in the headhunting world and a successful career in the recruitment industry, something still felt missing for Luisette. That’s when she made the audacious decision to reinvent herself. She ventured into network marketing, joining forces with industry legends like Andrew Eaton and Brendon Earp Jones.

This leap of faith paid off. Within seven months, she was able to retire from the corporate world, leaving behind the politics and stress, and embrace a new chapter— one with flexibility, freedom, and financial rewards beyond her dreams.

Three years ago, her world was rocked when Luisette was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. But she refused to let this define her journey. Powered by the financial and personal freedom she found through her business, she explored both traditional and alternative treatment options.

“This business has allowed me not only to have no limitations financially but also to be able to travel the world and tick places off my bucket list. It has taught me to think bigger and be grateful for what I do,” Luisette shares.

Today, Luisette Mullin is more than a successful entrepreneur—she is an icon, a professional network marketer, and a professional headhunter. She is living proof of her own mantra: ordinary people can indeed achieve extraordinary things.

Her ultimate goal is that her story resonates with ambitious individuals of all ages, particularly CEOs, tech-savvy professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs unafraid of blockchain technology. Luisette is not just creating a brand; she is building a movement.

The message is clear: Your background does not define your future. Your mindset does. Luisette Mullin is not just teaching this—she is living it.

“Connecting People with Opportunity”—it’s not just her tagline; it’s her mission. Are you ready to connect?

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