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Limitless And Blockchain Sports Redefine Sports Betting And Networking

Limitless is revolutionizing the way disruptive business projects receive support and funding. By harnessing the collective social capital of its 250,000-strong member community, Limitless promotes and partners with innovative projects worldwide. Through a unique crowdsourcing model, the platform enables individual members to contribute to selected projects, fostering their development and ensuring their success. Members, in return, gain royalties from the projects they help to launch.


The platform’s inaugural project, an AI development initiative in the financial sector, has already demonstrated the power of this model, delivering substantial financial benefits to all participating members over the past three years. Limitless’s use of blockchain technology and smart contracts introduces an unprecedented level of transparency and fairness, countering the corruption seen in traditional peer-to-peer economies. This approach ensures nearly all revenue designated for commissions is distributed among the community, thanks to a novel bonus pool system that leverages unused commissions (“breakage”).


The latest venture, Blockchain Sports, aims to transform the global football industry by merging sports with cutting-edge technology. This project promises to democratize football and has already garnered attention from major industry figures. As founding members, Limitless participants have a unique opportunity to engage deeply with Blockchain Sports, including ownership stakes and significant royalty potential.


For more information on this groundbreaking project and how to get involved, visit

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