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Liley Ballesteros presents her first book “Get excited with Art”




Liley Ballesteros is celebrating because her first book “Get excited with art, release your emotions” is now ready on Amazon for everyone to enjoy. Liley Ballesteros is a high-level plastic artist, and now she is embarking on a new facet in her already fruitful career, that of a desk with a purpose. She is a lover of the arts, a social communicator, a plastic artist, a photographer and a writer. In “Get excited with Art” she seasoned her talent for painting, communication and her purpose of teaching how children can express all their emotions through art. In his works of art he always reflects his spirit and feeling. Projects positive and valuable messages. That is why he did not hesitate, in a creative afternoon to start writing his book, which will surely be the best educational tool for parents to children so that through invaluable advice they can positively release emotions.

“Get excited with art” is a facilitating text in the area of ​​art therapy as “treatment of a disease or any other dysfunction” or as “treatment aimed at solving psychological problems”. “Get excited with art” by Liley Ballesteros you can purchase it in just one click on the Amazon Kindle platform. This is how Liley Ballesteros addresses the historical issue of this therapeutic modality used clinically today. She tells us that today art therapy represents more than just a therapeutic purpose, it is also a technique for personal development, self-knowledge and emotional expression.

Whoever puts the advice of Liley Ballesteros into practice in this therapeutic text develops their capacity for introspection, understands many of their ailments in detail and works to overcome them, which ends up providing quality of life, apart from helping them overcome problems of social adaptation. , or delay cognitive deterioration caused by degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s and other conditions such as, for example, eating and image disorders, learning problems, addictions, anxiety or depressive states, prolonged illnesses that lead to long hospital stays, diseases terminal, and institutionally it has been a therapeutic option for victims of physical, psychological and sexual violence, inmates and refugees. In conclusion, art is healing and quality of life.

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