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Keynote speaker on creative writing and songwriting in South America

Along his career as a writer, Norberto Diaz Granados has visited many countries sharing his experience and giving support to hundreds of novel writers and singer songwriters in the Hispanic world.

He began this journey in 1997 with English literature in his country. Studying and reading Shakespeare, Atwood, and Stine. He won some national contests of English poetry then.

Two years later began to write his first song and could not stop ever since. At the age of 20, had already written more than 50 songs and started studying Engineering in his country.

He wrote his first book in 2011. An academic content about history of roman empire and another release about Theologist studies of ancient scriptures. In 2018 got the attention of a big editorial and published his book I Prophet with over 2M copies sold up today.

With his teaching career and long trail as a motivational speaker has traveled to 15 countries sharing his experience, telling his story, and giving support and a way to go to many youths and entrepreneurs so they may find the right path to their own success.

Today he holds an MBA in Creative writing from Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca-Spain and becoming an expert in Writing Skills from Universidad de Valencia-Spain with Planet Group this year.

As a musician, he has written over than a hundred songs and has 15 produced professionally. All his work is in Spanish and will make some work in English next year.

Today, He runs a company in South America for teaching other and give advice and mentoring to novel writers. In 2020 he began this initiative online during pandemic lockdown. Then he put together all his efforts to reach out for 800 novel writers in America.

The result of this was an initial number of 40 writers published for the first time with his mentoring and three books released into the world. Today, there are more than 1.5K novel writers working with him in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, and USA. All Spanish speakers.

Considering the lack of motivation to become writers in our modern world, he began an academy for teaching and training new writers of any age. This Academy is running online and will open doors in Villa del Rosario, municipality in Colombia this month.

Hundreds of eagerly novel writers are waiting for the opportunity to join to one of his free seminars in the main cities in Colombia this year. Some Universities will be participating with him in this project and there is a lot to come yet in all nations.

He is about to release a book series for novel writers in March, where will give a step-by-step guide to write a novel, to promote in media, and to reach engagement with audience.

New books coming out from his academy next month: «Are you afraid of the dark? » Part 2. And «Revenge». With these two books he will be completing the number of 45 new writers published in these two years.

He will be releasing himself his first biography in April 2020 named: The Origen. And a first book of a saga in November: «Inferno Highway ».

So, there is still a lot to come out of this entrepreneur, don´t miss a book nor a masterclass!

If you are a writer or want to become one, you need to contact him today.

For more information visit him at:

Follow Norberto Official Page: Norberto.DiazGranados

Follow Spotify Official Account: Music Distribution

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