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Exclusive Interview from Andre Barnes

1. How long have you been acting 

                I’ve been acting for about 7 yrs now.. I took a acting when I was younger but where I’m from it wasn’t many outlets to pursue acting.. so I kinda put it on the back burner at the time…

2. What movies have you been in ? 

                  “A Way Out “ and  “ A Way Out 2” are my first official movies that I’ve been in.. I have a few more projects coming up this year, but the “A Way Out “ brand is my first official movie.

3. How did you get into acting 

                    To be honest, I kinda got all the way into it trying to motivate my my lil brother, I’ve always better with music, and he was the actor, but he was procrastinating so I got up one morning and went and signed up for a casting agency like Look bro I would say things like bra what are you waiting for? You know it’s just a motivator, but when I got booked on my first show as a background actor I was like yo I could really do this.

4. How did you meet Director Cortez Mooney

                    I first met Cortez on the TV show all American. We were both booked as background actors. But we kept getting booked on the same shows so naturally, we just click, but it wasn’t until we got booked on a show called Dave and it came down to me and him to be chosen for a feature role on the show, we both looked at each other, and we said to each other if I win you win ,if you win I win and right then and there I knew I had a brother for life so when he told me what he had planned in the future, I was like Im in it to win it, I’m a ride til the wheels fall off let’s do it, and we been family ever cents

5. Since A WAY OUT is a brand and a series of movies ! Which  A WAY OUT are You in & what character ? 

                 Lol, all of them. I actually played two different characters. I play big Naldo and I also play  Deacon Willie Earl attorney-at-law.

6. What made you decide to want to work with director Cortez Mooney 

                  His passion for acting, and his determination to make it happen. We both came from similar backgrounds, so to work with somebody who can actually relate to what I’ve been through in life and have a passion for the same thing that I do, his  determination and focus to win and be the best at it. It was a no-brainer to work with him !

7. how did you get the call to join A WAY OUT ? and how did you feel when you got the call ? 

                   I got the call out of the blue lol. See we  always been in contact . We met doing background work so he was telling me about a way out from the beginning but I just got a call one day and he was like hey bro, send me a video of this reading  these lines so I made a video audition and sent it back… a day or two later.. he called me and was like.. you in there bro.. I want you to play big Naldo.. but here’s the funny thing he didn’t tell me that the character wore a curl wig, and a pink bathrobe in flip-flops until I was on my way to the movie site to film lol.. but he was like bro don’t trip do it exactly the way you did it in the audition so I said cool don’t worry I got this lol

8. How was your experience working with Director Cortez Mooney? Did you learning anything about the business ? or working close with him ? 

                   Every experience has been cool. One of the things I did learn was know your lines because you can and will be replaced so the whole thing of being prepared to work is what I learned from working with him.. 

    9. What was your favorite moment if you have one of working or set or the project ? 

      Honestly ever moment is my favorite.. I’m working with a great group of talented individuals… And we have so many more moments to create..I honestly couldn’t pick one at the moment..Cause the best is yet to come..

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