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Diva Otalora reveals her secrets to succeed in modeling




Diva Otalora is a rising model with extensive experience in the world of advertising, fashion and especially in music videos by urban artists. As a positive reference in her profession, we wanted to investigate her techniques, her secrets to being an extraordinary music video model. This is what the most prominent Colombian in music videos in Miami responded to us.
Here are some techniques that could help you stand out as a photo and music video model, taking Diva Otalora’s success as an example:
Confidence and Positive Attitude: Maintain a positive and confident attitude at all times. Your self-confidence will be reflected in your posture, facial expressions and movement, helping you project a confident and attractive image.
Versatile Facial Expression: Practice a wide range of facial expressions to adapt to different styles and emotions required in photo shoots and music videos. From radiant smiles to serious and seductive looks, master the ability to convey different emotions with your face.
Body and Movement Mastery: Work on your posture, balance and fluidity in movement. Practice walking with grace and elegance, as well as static poses that highlight your best physical attributes. The ability to move naturally and gracefully in front of the camera is essential to standing out as a model.
These are part of the references and advice that Diva Otalora gives to be the number one in photo pose modeling and music videos.

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