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Daniel Castillo and his band Chimbangle release two new songs







Hit music band Chimbangle, led by Venezuelan musician and singer Daniel Castillo is ready to bring their energetic and infectious sound to the US market with the release of two exciting singles. With a unique combination of tropical rhythms, salsa and a touch of Spanglish, the band promises to delight their audience with songs that invite them to dance and vibrate with emotion.

Chimbangle, made up of talented musicians and fronted by the charismatic Daniel Castillo, has gained recognition in their home country for their distinctive style and catchy lyrics that blend elements of Latin music with urban sounds. Now, the group has its sights set on expanding its reach and winning new hearts in the American music market.

The first single is titled “Salsa en Colorado” a song that pays homage to the state of Colorado in the US, fusing the happy rhythm of salsa with modern touches. The song promises to take listeners on a musical journey full of energy and exuberance.

The second song is called “Dime what you want.” This song, authored by the talented Daniel Castillo, combines the urban tropical sound with captivating lyrics that invite you to dance and have fun. With a contagious rhythm, it promises to be a success in the dance floors.

The release of these singles represents a significant step in Chimbangle’s musical career and marks the beginning of a new stage for the band. The fusion of genres and the ability to connect with audiences through their music is what has made Chimbangle stand out on the music scene, and now they are eager to share their talents with the American public.

In the words of Daniel Castillo, leader of Chimbangle: “We are excited to present our music to the American public. Our passion for music and our distinctive style has brought us this far, and we are ready to take our music to new horizons,” he said.

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