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Chef Claudia Calderón inaugurates gastrocultural space in Barcelona




Creating more opportunities to publicize the Venezuelan gastronomic and cultural heritage among Spaniards, Claudia Calderón, executive chef of the El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana restaurant, inaugurates an exclusive space that will be dedicated to carrying out various activities that show the wealth and value of the products and expressions that are part of the extensive cuisine of their country of origin.
Tastings, tastings, discussions and other gastronomic experiences will take place in this space adjacent to the El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana restaurant, which, located at 470 Mallorca Street in Barcelona, is the oldest establishment dedicated to Venezuelan gastronomy in that Spanish city.
Calderón noted that for her “it is very important to promote the culture of my country in Catalonia, that is why now with my partner Luis Miguel Bucci, we are expanding even more that Venezuelan experience that we offer to those who visit our restaurant.”
“In this new space we will offer a much more intimate gastronomic adventure, it will be a very exciting journey through our products, their flavors, aromas and textures, giving rise to a comprehensive experience that delves into all the aspects of our regional heritage,” she pointed out.
“These experiences, which will be guided by experts and special guests, will be designed for small groups and will be highly personalized. We want those who join us to be able to fully enjoy the content and activities, for their concerns to be addressed, and in this way to grow their appreciation for Venezuelan cuisine.”
Rum and chocolate in perfect harmony
A tasting of rums and chocolates by reservation and exclusively for 20 people, opens this Venezuelan gastrocultural space created by Claudia Calderón in the
heart of Barcelona.
The event, led by Marta Elena González from El Gusto Es Mío, a woman from Caracas with extensive experience in gastronomic marketing and specialized in harmonizing
food and beverages, offers the appreciation of various types of rums from different Venezuelan distilleries and chocolates with different percentages of cocoa from that country.
The selection of these tasting products, for the event that will take place on April 20 at 6:00 p.m., is based on the high relevance of rum and cocoa within Venezuelan gastronomy: both enjoy great appreciation and international recognition thanks to its organoleptic properties and the fact that it has a Designation of Origin.
To finish the experience and bring attendees much closer to Venezuelan gastronomic customs, Claudia Calderón will offer her own interpretation of a heritage dessert that includes the products tasted during the session.
Continue the festival of flavors
The next event that stands out on the agenda of this gastrocultural hall will be the celebration of Venezuelan Gastronomy Day, on May 22. Attendance will be open to the public by reservation since spaces are limited.
Under a differential proposal that stimulates the senses and makes visible the value of Venezuelan heritage, chef Claudia Calderón will direct this space that seeks to expand appreciation and consolidate admiration for the ingredients, products, recipes, techniques and actions around the table among foodies who live or visit the Catalan capital.

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