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Carlos D’ Arezzo “Zolrak: I always had contact with the spiritual world



Carlos D’Arezzo, better known as “Zolrak” and José Monge, known as “Durkon”, are two professionals who have dedicated themselves for years to combining art, mysticism and the extrasensory. Both with extraordinary careers are leaving an unsurpassed legacy in the world of spirituality. We have spoken with Carlos D’ Arezzo “Zolrak and this is what he told us:
-And how it all began, what was the origin of his path, within spirituality?
-Actually that process began at my very early age. I always had contact with the spiritual world. Did I look for it? No, it was not like that, I think “they” looked for me. Like every creature, I am referring to the age of 6 or 7 years. I was not aware of all the mediumistic processes, (related to the use and development of what is known as the sixth sense) and much less with the management and self-control of them. Everything flowed naturally and occurred like the mere act of breathing, automatic, autonomous and natural.
Never better exemplified, that gave me life, it infused me with sensitivity on the one hand and on the other it left me with wonderful experiences such as seeing and talking to the spiritual world, feeling its guidance and feeling protected.
Of course, all this at first was only part of my personal and strictly private collection. Until it began to manifest itself in the outside world, when it was older it would go into a trance, and begin to reveal and say things about the people who were nearby, answering their internal questions or things that bothered them, with total “normality” without show no strange postures, or strange noises or anything similar.
These pieces of evidence, which were irrefutable, made my family, especially my mother, at first amazed, then worried (something that gradually diminished, seeing that this did not restrict or modify the quality of my childhood), until they sought more answers. logical.”
It should be noted that in my family they were all Roman Catholic Apostolics, believers, but for them the world of the spirit was not something common, they presumed to know it, but it was better… to leave it there. Less so my mother than if she was a highly spiritual woman, an artist with exquisite sensitivity, which enabled her much more to perceive, sense and embrace all levels of sensitivity, a sensitive person with great potential power.
-What was the first concrete step into the spiritual world, beyond its visions, communications and clairvoyance?
My first step, as you defined it, was to learn about a type of Kardecist spiritualism, coming from Alan Kardec, a French national considered the Father of Spiritism. Whose practices were very controlled, very mental (to define it in some way) without outbursts, without even lighting a candle, one could also say that he was very Christian, with good philosophical foundations, with an elevated and formative doctrine of life. I still remember its motto: “Towards God, for Truth and Justice”, and where unconditional love was paid to Jesus of Nazareth (the greatest of mediums), recognizing him as the Redeemer of Humanity and venerating Almighty God, our Creator Father.
There they helped me a lot and I developed all the Mediumships, and as a director of that institution told me: you are a diamond in the rough, but here you will be polished, you will take on unsuspected facets and you will shine.
The story would be very long, because from there, the path was long, varied, from the most eclectic and formative, academic and formal, to the intuitive and natural, pragmatic or sensitive.
Carlos D’ Arezzo “Zolrak has several studies within a formal education, Mysticism, Shamanism, Spirituality, Parapsychology, Astrology, etc., etc. “Connect with the most philosophical and religious doctrines of Africa, the mother and magical land par excellence. Always keeping in mind the precepts of the Good, the moral responsibility to do good and the commitment that all powers and/or attributes obtained are used only and exclusively for the Good, he concluded by saying.

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