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Ana Paula Valenzuela triumphs as tour manager of musical talents




Ana Paula Valenzuela always knew from a very young age that the world of entertainment was her north. He prepared himself, worked for it and today is a reference for the new generations. Ana Paula is among the best in her field. Production, logistics, road manager and tour manager are part of his talent and skills.

Many internationally renowned artists have worked with her and many others have relied on her professionalism when staging their concerts. She is a reference in these struggles and it is not for nothing that she is admired by workers in the industry.


For example, his label has been present on the tour of the Argentine singer Tiago PZK in Mexico, with whom he toured several cities with his “Portales Tour” and was also with him at the Grounds Festival in Las Vegas. In February of last year she was in the production of “Premios Juventud” at the FTX Arena in Miami; he worked in Formula 1 and in the EDC Festival, both held at the HNS RDZ Autodrome in Mexico; She participated in the production of the concert of the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira at the Estadio 3 Marzo in Guadalajara and in the Marco Antonio Solis concert with the duo Jessy & Joy at The Forum in Los Angeles.

Undoubtedly experience and success go hand in hand. She is currently in full swing with the tour of the world-renowned Jesse & Joy.

Ana Paula Valenzuela worked at Ocesa (Live Nation Mexico), one of the most famous and solid events and concert companies in Mexico, where she gained significant experience. there she worked as production manager, production coordinator and production assistant.

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