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A Brief Journey into the Mind of Professor Yaschica Agoro

Today we’d like to introduce you to Yaschica Agoro.

It’s an honor to highlight your success on our platform. Do you mind telling us about the things you’ve been able to accomplish?

I served a decade within the US Army & Reserves as a Medic/Healthcare and Chemical Specialist. During this time, I study nursing and public health where I, obtained my Master of Public Health, and an upper graduate degree in Epidemiology. From 2003- through 2005, I started several businesses: medical recruiting, uniform store, customized t-shirt designs, and cleaning services. In 2007, I became the Chair of the Science & Mathematics Department at Selma University (SU). At SU, I developed the College of Allied Healthcare, enrolling over 400 students within a 2–4-year timeframe. In addition, I established the first hybrid CNA program within the great State of Alabama. In 2010. While at SU, I had the opportunity to participate in the Oxford University Roundtable in the United Kingdom with my research project “YEAH” Young Engaging in Activities for Health. In 2011, I resided for SU and established my own allied healthcare training institute, Selma Innovation Technology Training Institute (SITTI), to offer accelerated, affordable, and flexible allied healthcare training. I have trained over 1000 students for a decade, obtaining contracts with several nonprofit organizations and universities: offering courses to high school students and young adults. I have been a mentor and advisor to people for over 20 years; that is how I developed Entrepreneur’s Milestones Consultants focusing on helping others “Start a Successful Healthcare Training Business.”

Tell us about some of the memories you’ve made on your journey!

I have traveled to the Oxford University of the United Kingdom to present my research and became a part of the Oxford Roundtable. The ability to lecture and train over 1000s healthcare students. The opportunity to develop a College of Allied Health includes the curriculum, syllabus, and partnership of numerous healthcare organizations. The ability to grow a department for enrollment of less than 50 to over 400 students. The coaching entrepreneurs into productive business owners in two of the top trillion-dollar industries (education & healthcare). The passion and chance to help as many people as possible on my journey are the most incredible memories.

Do you have any final thoughts you would like to share with our audience?

First, learn to work smart, not hard; it is okay to change career paths if you are not happy. Your happiness defines your success. Second, never let others measure your success or determine what you need to do to be a success. I am not saying, “do not listen to advice, yet, set your editable objectives with measurable goals.” The reason for editable objectives because when life tosses a curveball, you can amend the objectives accordingly. Finally, do what you love and determine your own roads to travel. In summary, my most significant accomplishments of life are not college degrees, yet the ability to do what I love, to walk away from the corporate world, and create my own vision of success and flexibility freedom.

Finally, how can people connect with you and learn more about what you do?

People may reach me at any of the following: Facebook:
Instagram: @yaschicaagoro
Website: or

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