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5th Degree Academy: Revolutionizing Education, Empowering Future Leaders

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Education and Practical Knowledge, The Record-Breaking  5th Degree Academy, Sets a New Standard in Learning and Youth Empowerment

November 6, 2023, Los Angeles, CA – 5th Degree Academy, a pioneering institution reshaping the education landscape, is making waves with its innovative approach to learning around core topics outside of school curriculum. This isn’t knocking school by any means but instead complimenting school by filling in the gaps in regards to important life skills and core values. As concerns about traditional education’s shortcomings continue to rise, 5th Degree Academy stands out as a beacon of hope, complementing the current system and equipping students with crucial real-world skills often not included  in conventional academic settings. 

We are Leveraging the power of Partnerships with parents to help fill in the gaps of real world skills and knowledge their kids need to transition from just surviving to thriving!

Founded by renowned thought leader Tim Storey and serial entrepreneur David Williams, 5th Degree Academy focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practical knowledge. The 5th Degree Academy provides access to inspirational and practical know-how live training and video curriculum from real-world entrepreneurs, investors, speakers, authors, and celebrities. The academy’s comprehensive curriculum includes entrepreneurial skills, finance and investing, marketing and sales, faith and family, health and wellness, and personal freedom.

At the heart of 5th Degree Academy’s mission is the belief in empowering individuals to thrive, not just survive. According to recent statistics, a staggering 70% of parents believe that the current education system is not fully equipping  their children for the real world, while over 60% of graduates feel that their degree didn’t furnish them with the vital skills for their selected career path. Moreover, a recent analysis underscored that a whopping 85% of students deemed school curriculums  not compatible with contemporary job requirements. 

The academy emphasizes the importance of faith, fitness, family, finances, and freedom – the five pillars essential for holistic growth. By providing inspiring classes from real-world entrepreneurs and investors, 5th Degree Academy offers invaluable insights that can be directly applied in the real world, setting the stage for lifelong success.

What sets 5th Degree Academy apart is its commitment to providing practical education that goes beyond generic information taught in traditional classrooms. The academy’s classes are tailored to individual needs, allowing students to learn at their own pace and delve deeper into specific topics of interest. Moreover, 5th Degree Academy fosters a community of like-minded individuals, creating a network that keeps participants accountable and supports their journey toward success.

In addition to its groundbreaking approach to education, 5th Degree Academy recently made headlines by winning a Guinness World Record with its 2-day financial literacy event which they called The Elevate Experience which was attended by over 150,000 live online views and over 3000 kids and parents interacting over two 6 hours days learning from legends. 

The event aimed to demystify the concept of financial freedom for these kids so they can gain a clearer direction toward financial empowerment and growth. It was also join by a multitude of celebrities, influencers, thought leaders, and financial experts such as social media influencers Jimmy Darts, Brain Coach Jim Quick, Top Motivational speaker in the world Eric Thomas, Rapper Xzibit, David Meltzer which the movie Jerry Mcguire was based on alongside countless others. 

They each shared their insights and secrets to help facilitate the participants’ journey to clarity, guaranteeing them direction toward success. This achievement further underscores the academy’s impact and relevance in today’s education landscape, showcasing its commitment to transforming lives and shaping future leaders.

The 5th Degree Academy has given everyone open access to select footage online through their Vimeo account. Footage from the event’s first day are available alongside shots of their main event as well as their World Record success video.

As the program grows the academy aims to continue leveraging bigger and bigger influencers with the right hearts and mindset to help influence the next generation. Proving the impact of the work they do, many large industry names have expressed interest in contributing to the cause, with hip-hop artist, Busta Ryhmes, even committing to join one of their future events!

The 5th Degree Academy invites parents, students, and anyone passionate about empowering the next generation to join its mission. The 5th Degree Academy is proud to offer a 7-day free trial of its comprehensive curriculum, allowing individuals to experience the transformative power of real-world education. As a gift just for the holiday season, the 5th Degree Academy is offering 30 days of full complimentary access to their online platform in lieu of their 7-day trial..

The Academy will be guiding students through a curriculum that equips them with practical knowledge that permits them to operate and thrive in the real world. For interested individuals, 5th Degree Academy’s curriculum will tackle the following topics:

  • Entrepreneurial Skills: Master the art of entrepreneurship without just learning theories.
  • Confidence & Mindset: Cultivate a mindset of hard work, leadership, and personal responsibility.
  • Finance & Investing: Acquire financial literacy and investment strategies for a secure future.
  • Faith & Family First Living: Learn to balance personal and professional life while maintaining strong relationships.
  • Marketing & Sales: Develop expertise in marketing and sales techniques for career growth.
  • Preserving our Freedom: Understand the importance of freedom and how to protect it.
  • Health & Wellness: Prioritize health and well-being for a fulfilling life.
  • Monetization & Strategy: Master the art of monetization and strategic planning.

To learn more about 5th Degree Academy and its innovative educational programs, visit

The program has a no kid left behind montra offering a buy one bless one component giving access to any kids that may need it the most. Also any kid that can’t afford the minimal cost of the program they offer a grant option to ensure everyone can have access if they have a desire to learn.

About 5th Degree Academy

5th Degree Academy is a leading educational institution dedicated to empowering individuals through learning experiences and educational programs. Their focus on financial literacy, personal development, and professional growth will  transform the lives of thousands.

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